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This section lists some common problems and solutions for the Tactile12000.

The installer reports an system error when starting up!

This is most likely due to file corruption during the download process. Unfortunately, this means that you will probably have download the entire file again. Try using a different download site if possible. You can also try downloading the .zip file on the download page instead of the .exe file - the .zip file doesn't use the installer.

The application reports an error when starting up!

On Windows, this may be because it could not initialize DirectSound, the technology used to mix the music. This may be because DirectX is not correctly installed, or because some other application is using the sound. Check Microsoft's web site at for help with DirectX.

I can't hear any music!

First, make sure your computer is set up for sound. Can you hear sound from any other applications? On Windows, you can also check the Multimedia control panel to see if the sound card is recognized. Make sure your speakers are on, plugged in, and securely plugged into the computer.

Next, check the level controls on the software. Each of the vertical sliders should be most of the way up. The crossfader should be in the middle or closer to the turntable you are trying to play.

Finally, make sure the sound file is valid. Either try another file that you know is valid, or try the original sound file in another application.

The sound is choppy.
The record doesn't spin smoothly.

This probably means that your computer can't keep up with the software. This may happen if your processor is too slow, you don't have enough memory (RAM), or if your computer is already doing other things, perhaps running too many other programs. This might also happen if you don't have a good sound card or if you don't have the latest DirectX drivers for your card.

If possible, try quitting other applications that you aren't using, and downloading the latest drivers for your sound card from the manufacturer's web site.

I can't open MP3 files!

If you are on a Macintosh, this may be because you don't have the latest version of QuickTime. You need to have QuickTime 4 to play MP3 files on the Mac. Also, it appears that QuickTime does not support all variations of the MP3 format. Some users have reported problems opening SoundJam MP3 files.

How do I record my mix?

For now, you have to connect the output of the sound card to a tape deck or another computer. (see the wiring page for a little more detail - if you're using the headphone cue features, you should only connect right channel to the tape deck.) If you connect the output to sound input of another computer, you can either digitize the mix to a new sound file, or if you have the software, recompress the mix and stream it to the net.


If you don't see your problem listed here, try the bugs page or the discussion forums on SourceForge.